Ferdig produsert lerret fra ADEO for in-ceiling montering. Dette lerretet ble feilprodusert til kunde, og leveres uten tab-tension. Lerretet er imidlertid helt nytt, og ADEOs lerreter er svært stabile også uten tab-tension stramming.

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Informasjon fra produsent:


A screen that has been dubbed “Made for Installation” due to its innovative assembly system. In addition, this model disappears into a false ceiling by means of a retractable mechanism, and is endowed with the classic tensioning method, which ensures a perfect planarity of the surface while safeguarding a harmonious aesthetic impact. Two elastic cables depart from the ends of the base and are threaded through eyelets along the sides of the canvas, creating a lateral arch which avoids the risk of any creases forming during the rolling phase, despite the presence of the eyelets.

While maintaining the characteristic Inceel design, this solution further enhances an invaluable tool for your work and leisure time without posing any space limitations.

White surface for front projection
Grey surface for front projection
Part of the new Reference series, this screen material is designed for the most critical applications that require exceptional color accuracy both in Home Theater as well as commercial and professional studio applications. It is completely absent from hot-spot effects and it’s critical color accuracy is maintained at all viewing angles. Recommended for controlled light environments.
Gain: 1.0
This Reference screen material is designed to lower the black levels of the fixed-matrix LCD, DLP and D-ILA/SXRD video-projectors, while maintaining it’s critical color accuracy at all viewing angles. It is particularly well suited for the rooms with bright walls and some ambient light.
Gain: 0.9

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