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Alcons Sentinel3 4-kanals 2U Rackmonterbar Effektforsterker 3kW (Sentinel3)
Alcons Sentinel3 4-kanals 2U Rackmonterbar Effektforsterker 3kW (Sentinel3)
Alcons Sentinel3 4-kanals 2U Rackmonterbar Effektforsterker 3kW (Sentinel3)
SKU: Sentinel3
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Info fra produsent:



- 3kW high-end Hi-Fi amplifier stages

- 4-in/4-out matrix routing

- 192kHz capable AES/EBU inputs

- Fully-intuitive control through large colour touch-screen - Presets for all Alcons systems / system configurations - SISTM sensing for optimal speaker drive

- Modular design, for easy "in-the-field" servicing

- ALCONTROLTM and "Audio-over-network" prepared

- Weighs 8,8kg / 19.4lb


ALC Sentinel3 amplified loudspeaker controller.

The "engine" behind every Alcons system is the Amplified Loudspeaker Controller. The new ALC Sentinel range sets new standards in "HiFi sound at concert SPL’s", by bringing Alcons famous pro- ribbon sound into the digital amplification domain, while increasing system performance to the highest levels.

The ALC Sentinel3 is proprietary designed and developed by Alcons Audio and features a powerful 4- channel DSP-based controller with full ClassD amplifier stages onboard. Main focus in the development of the Sentinel range was to obtain an "audiophile-grade" signal path and a surplus of headroom under any circumstance, to get the absolute maximum performance out of the Alcons sound systems.

Basis of the ALC Sentinel is a full ClassD amplifier design with no less than 93% efficiency. The power for the 4 patent-pending amplifier stages is supplied by 2 switch-mode power supplies, resulting in a peak output power of 4x 1.000W @ 4 ohms.

The patent-pending circuit of the ClassD amplifier stages offers a true THD of 0,005% within a frequency bandwidth of 20Hz – 20kHz. and amplifier channel driven @ 750W.

The powersupply section is controlled by a Power Detection Circuit, that measures the input AC current and protects against high-voltage overload. It also features automatic selecting of the correct operating AC current 115V / 230V ("global power supply").

The amplifier stages and power supplies feature a number of microcontrollers; Through the internal I2C communication network, all parameters can be monitored and guided, for maximum operating efficiency and full status/application logging.


Technical Specifications ALC Sentinel3 

The Signal Integrity SensingTM circuit dynamically compensates impedance effects in speaker cables and connectors, by means of sensing-wire, for most accurate and controlled cone-travel, resulting in a tighter sub and bass response with a dynamic damping factor of 10.000. SISTM also caters for further reduced distortion (optimized cross-over drive).

The input section of the Sentinel offers "4-in/4-out", meaning that all 4 channels can be addressed individually. The AES/EBU inputs enable digital signal entry, with D/A conversion accepting inputs up to 192kHz, with other rates being automatically upsampled to 96kHz processing. In striving for the best audio possible, a fully customized sample rate conversion was implemented.

With the dynamic performance of the pro-ribbon technology in mind, the dynamic range of the signal path was designed with a value of 122dB (digital input, analog input: 116dB AD).

The speaker- and signalprocessing is taken care of by a 400Mhz Analog Devices SHARCTM processor: This is one of the most powerful DSP engines available and enables minimal latency during processing of even the most complex (IIR, FIR) algorithms. Features include 6-band parametric per channel, delay, factory presets for all systems and system configurations, event-logging, system check, etc.

A Linux-based micro-computer "oversees" and controls all processes. The large, front-mounted full- colour TFT touchscreen offers intuitive control over the complete amplifier and processor section, while reducing the number of "wearable" analog components.

The screen size measures 480 x 272 pixels (4.3" diagonal) and can handle video signal as well. The multi-colour LED illuminated encoder, in combination with the touch control screen, enables ergonomic and intuitive control.

The ALC Sentinel can be controlled via the ALCONTROLTM Ethernet-based remote-control connection; This proprietary network can control individual or clusters of Sentinels, with functions like grouped eq’ing, event and system monitoring (on-line), firmware uploads and repairs, a.o.

Through two other RJ45 connectors (redundant) and optional network modules, the Sentinel is prepared for any audio-over-network standard; Among which AVB (AudioVideoBridging).

Another important design philosophy is the service- and upgradeability: Instead of cost-saving minimal circuit board design, Alcons developed the Sentinel platform into a completely modular design. This means i.e. that the amplifier and power supply stages can easily be serviced by "module-swapping". Another advantage could be that the processor board can be upgraded in the future, when more or faster processing power becomes available (and would be required).

The ALC Sentinel3 brings ultimate power and control, packed in a 2HE unit, weighing a mere 8,8Kg/24.2lb. It is covered by a 6 years "no hassle" warranty.

Technical specifications

Nr of channels Input sensitivity Max. input level Gain

Channel separation SMPTE IMD Damping factor

Output power (RMS/peak)

: 4 input + 4 output

: 1.9Vrms (+7.8dBu) for full RMS power in 4 ohms : +24dBu

: 32dB (40x)

: > -73dBr @ 1kHz., 250W into 8 ohms

: < 0.002% @ 2kHz – 20kHz 250W into 8 ohms

: 10.000 @ 1kHz., 8 ohms

@ 1kHz. < 0,5% THD

: 4x 1.000W @ 4 ohms peak

6-8-2012 rev 0.0

© Alcons Audio ’12AES/EBU supported formats User interface

: 44.1kHz., 48kHz., 96kHz, 192kHz.

: 4" TFT LCD (480 x 272 pixel) touch screen

„Click & turn" rotary encoder, RGB-LED illuminated

: 4x XLR (analog input) + 2x AES/EBU (digital input) : 4x NL4 (speakers out) + 2x AES/EBU (digital link) : 1x 32A powerCON® (power)

: 1x RJ45 etherCON® (remote control)

: 2x RJ45 etherCON® (networked audio) : 1x USB (service)

: 2x fan, rear-to-front flow, regulated speed

: auto-select / Universal AC input, up to 400V protected





Main supply voltage

Weight (approx.) Housing

: 8,8kg / 19.4lb

: 19 inch rack mount, 2 HU, 408mm/16.1 in. deep behind mounting surface (without connectors)

: 88 x 484 x 440 mm / 3.5 x 19.0 x 17.3 (hxwxd) (with rack handles and without connectors)

Dimensions Warranty

: 6 years


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