Ascendo Immersive Audio CCRM10-P Passive high-performance Immersive Audio monitor

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50 × 70 × 25 cm


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The CCRM10-P is one of the top models in the market and really unbeatable in its class. Our second-largest passive cinema monitor mobilizes exactly those energies that you have been missing in a passive Immersive Audio system. Its unharnessed enthusiasm and its explosive dynamics will tie you to your cinema seat. Just as it should be!

The combination of 10-inch mid-woofer and the exclusive, centrally arranged compression tweeter accounts for a time-coherent and phase-accurate cinema loudspeaker. The highly solid enclosure, elaborately conceived in the light of over 20 years of loudspeaker design experience, ensures extraordinary stable conditions to make parasitic vibrations a thing of the past.

ASCENDO – top-class Immersive Audio


Speaker type Time coherent 10“ Coax One Point Source
Principle Vented
SPL 120dB Cont. / 123dB Peak
Frequency range 68Hz to 20kHz (-3 dB)
Sensitivity 97dB / 1W
Power rating / Impedance 500W / 8 Ω
Width x Height x Depth 418 x 624 x 200mm
Weight 14kg

All speakers are supplied with a front grille as standard


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