Ascendo SMSG10 10″ 500W subwoofer IKKE-PORTET

41 999,- inkl. mva


50 × 90 × 15 cm


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The SMSG10 not only marks the starting point in the world of active Ascendo subwoofers, it also allows for a flexible conception of the entire home theater system. Its flat design makes it the ideal subwoofer for in and on-wall or ceiling installations.

Equipped with a specially for in and on-wall application developed 10-inch woofer and advanced DSP amplifier electronics, this active model can easily be upgraded by a passive SMS10-P subwoofer, due to the integrated electronics offering a variable speaker output with another 500 watts of power. As a closed subwoofer with high amplifier power, it impresses with its fast dynamic low-frequency response.

SMSG10 – Listening enjoyment and flexibility – a perfect combination.


Speaker type Custom-built 10“ woofer, 6,5cm voice coil, 24mm linear excursion, with AIA Speaker Management technology
Principle Sealed
SPL 109dB Cont. / 112dB Peak
Frequency range 35Hz to 250Hz
Amplifier 500W + variable 500W output for additional speakers
Width x Height x Depth 410 x 850 x 100mm
Weight 15kg

All speakers are supplied with a front grille as standard