Ascendo SMSG24 24″ 6000W infra-subwoofer IKKE-PORTET

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70 × 110 × 40 cm


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The SMSG24 is a statement.

Its huge cone surface area and its huge 90 mm of linear stroke - world record for cinema subwoofers - allow it to move a gigantic volume of 10 liters of air per stroke. Due to its ultra-low resonance frequency and its closed cabinet design, and despite its enormous bass power, it is several times faster than the much smaller 18", 15" or 12" subwoofers.

Its ingenious design also allows the SMSG24 to produce tones in the infrasonic frequency range, reaching down far lower than subwoofers with a smaller diaphragm surface ever will be able to, by at the same time rendering them with much more power, structure and resolution. This AIA-developed 62 cm / 24" super woofer is powered by one of the best professional amplifiers featuring 6000 watts of power. Its state-of-the-art DSP control allows for perfectly adapting the SMSG24 to any existing configuration.

Due to its enormous velocity, the SMSG24 ideally suits not only all types and sizes of cinemas, but also high-end stereo systems as well. Even if a system already features high low-frequency power, the SMSG24 is able to sustainably improve the overall performance.

SMSG24 - more pressure, more depth, more structure, more image, more enjoyment.


Speaker type Custom-built 24“ woofer, 13cm voice coil, 90mm linear excursion (world record), with AIA Speaker Management technology
Principle Sealed
SPL 120dB Cont. / 122dB Peak (@30Hz)
Frequency range 10Hz to 80Hz
Amplifier 6000W
Width x Height x Depth 700 x 1100 x 500mm
Weight 110kg

All speakers are supplied with a front grille as standard


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