Ascendo SMSG50 50″ 6000W infra-subwoofer IKKE-PORTET

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70 × 110 × 40 cm


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The SMSG50 explores all known dimensions when it comes to reproducing even the deepest tones, and at the same time manifests itself as the definitive proof of how important the subwoofer is in serious theater arrangements. It sounds out the limits and lays the cornerstone for a cinematic experience of superlatives. Equipped with a gigantic custom-built 127 cm/50” driver and powered by DSP-controlled 6000 watts of power using the AIA Speaker Management technology, the SMSG50 is the most powerful cinema subwoofer in the world.

Due to its ultra-low resonance frequency and its closed cabinet concept, this mega subwoofer at the same time is extremely fast. It’s absolutely unique and fascinating with which ease the SMSG50 is able to reproduce the lowest tones below 7 Hz. With each maximum stroke, the SMSG50 moves as much air as forty standard 18" subwoofers. This incredibly massive bass power, the SMSG50 transmits in high-resolution, finely structured and explosively fast into the cinema room and this, if required, with peak levels up to 140 dB. Fabulous 105 dB of sound pressure at 5 Hz substantiate its unique position on the market.

The SMSG50 redefines efficiency. With its extremely high speed and low frequency resolution, it enriches all state-of-the-art home theaters and shifts their low-frequency performance to an unprecedented new level.

SMSG50 - The forefront of subwoofer technology


Speaker type Custom-built 50“ woofer, 34,5cm voice coil, 35mm linear excursion, with AIA Speaker Management technology
Principle Sealed
SPL 137dB Cont. / 140dB Peak, 125db (@20Hz), 105db (@5Hz)
Frequency range 5Hz to 100Hz
Amplifier 6000W
Width x Height x Depth 1800 x 1850 x 600mm
Weight > 200kg

All speakers are supplied with a front grille as standard


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