DreamScreen AcoustIQ BassTrap Corner 25x25x120cm with 400Hz Membrane Hvit 1stk


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Trappin´ the bass, not the ambience

One of the main challenges when trying to trap those deep bass waves is to avoid killing the balance of the entire room at the same time. If you absorb too much of the mid bass, the room will appear smaller and audibly less genuine.

The UltraBassTrap uses a special type of membrane that reflects off waves at 400Hz and up, while still absorbing the lower frequencies down to 100Hz. The result is a very effective bass trap that can be placed even close to seating positions, for example directly behind the listener to tame those first reflections off your back wall.


The bass trap is covered in a very nicely textured black fabric and is suited for even the most upscale theater room. The top is nicely finished using an acrylic black section.


The traps can be placed directly on the floor of your corners, but you may also glue the panels to the wall using a strong construction glue such as the Casco Xtremefix.


As indicated, the UltraBassTrap Corner is very effiecient in absorbing bass and midtones, but due to the limiting filter it will interfer far less than regular bass traps on frequencies above 400Hz.


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