DreamScreen AcoustIQ Rectangle Absorbant 60x120x5cm 1stk


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Basic absorber covered in elegant black fabric is well suited for reducing your initial primary reflections.

PS! As these basic absorption panels does not include the high frequency filters found in our more advanced BassTraps -and Dfusor panels, it should not be placed too close to the listening position as it cuts off too much of the high frequencies and as such introduces a muffled type of characteristic to the room. A correct placement of these panels is typically in the front of your theater, on both walls and ceiling.

The panels are 5cm deep and as such would not treat frequencies below about 200Hz. You can stack two layers and increase the absorption coefficient. However, for proper trapping of bass we recommend using our filtered corner and back wall BassTraps in addition.

This is an example of where to place the AcoustIQ panels; absorbants surrounding the screen in front, Dfusor hybrid diffusors and absorbants on each side of the listenings positions, Skylines diffusors in the ceiling above and filtered BassTraps at the back.



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