GIK TriTrap Hjørne Bassfelle 50Hz-5KHz Grå 120x59cm (H/B) 1stk


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Kraftig bassfelle med hele 1,2m høyde og bredde på 58,5cm (i front). Leveres i en flott grå “Lead” farge (se fargekart nedenfor samt hovedproduktbilde). Disse hjørnefellene behandler effektivt frekvenser fra 50-5000Hz. 



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Product Description

GIK Tri Traps in Tympani listening RmMany studios, home theaters and listening rooms make do with foam wedges in corners which are unattractive and far less efficient in sound wave absorption than acoustic panels. Our dedicated sound engineers have developed a more attractive and effective product – the GIK Acoustics TRI-TRAP.

The Tri-Trap is one of our most effective bass traps and takes up far less floor space. Constructed with a solid core, the Tri-Trap is freestanding and able to hold up to 22.5 kgs in weight. The Tri-Trap’s clean, professional design means it does not have to be mounted to the wall or corners and is stackable for floor-to-ceiling coverage.

GIK Acoustics Tri Trap Bass trapThe Tri-Trap, like all GIK Acoustics bass traps, was lab tested at the prestigious Riverbank Acoustical Laboratory and showed to have true effects at 50Hz and below. The Tri-Trap has been effectively designed to absorb more low end, but also does an excellent job of absorbing the high end, creating smooth sound absorption from 50 Hz to 5000 Hz. Installing our Tri-Traps will result in a beautifully balanced room that will suit even the most critical listener.  Click HERE to see the Tri-Trap Product Video.


  • employs ECOSE technology
  • Designed to fit in any corner
  • Top and bottom are standard colored. White tops on white Tri-Traps; black tops on all other standard colors.
  • standard size: 1200mm tall x 585 mm front
  • weight: 6 kg
  • can be custom sized to fit your specifications
  • available in 9 standard GIK Acoustics fabric colors
  • additional Camira Cara and Camira Lucia fabric choices available






GIK Acoustics EU Standard Nine



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