HDFury Diva 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 HDR 2×4 matrix switch

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NYHET! Superavansert HDMI matriseswitch som bl.a. lar deg outputte LLDV Dolby Vision da enheten "later som" den er en Sony TV og dermed gir adgang til Dolby Vision for enheter som projektorer som i utgangspunktet ikke har støtte for dette. Krever at avspiller har støtte for LLDV, hvilket bl.a. er tilfelle for Apple TV 4K.

Diva-modellen støtter også måling av lag, samt har utgang for LED-strips som viser farger ihht video-innholdet over HDMI (som Philips sine TVer). Ta kontakt for pris på kompatible LED-strips.


Informasjon fra produsent

Diva Kit includes: 

Diva central unit
Choice of power supply
IR RX Sensor cable (9ft)
Input Lag Tester cable (9ft)
DB9 > RS232 jack cable (1ft)
Jack Optical cable (4.5ft)

State of the art HDMI central with HDR/SDR converter included, input lag tester and an optional 4K HDR/LLDV Ambient Light solution for an immersive experience!
Play 4K HDR and stream perfect 1080p with SDR colors for capture card or 1080p SDR equipment.
Support any video and/or audio signal in existence today including DV, LLDV, HLG, HDR10+, DTS:X, ATMOS and more…
Diva allows any HDMI source (Blu-ray, UHD Blu-ray, media players, satellite receiver, game consoles, PCs, etc.) to be shown on any of the connected displays and any sources Full HDMI audio to be played on ANY AVR.

World First: Diva is also capable of extracting full audio from any TV ARC or eARC (HDMI2.1) up to Atmos High Bit Rate over True HD and forward it via 720p/1080p HDMI to ANY capable AVR input!

We are proud to announce the availability of Diva, another masterpiece of work from our dev team, build to disrupt, revolutionize and bring delight to the AV World.
4K UHD Diva OLED4K HDR 18Gbps/600MHz + 1080p SDR + Full Audio out (extract HDMI/ARC/eARC) + Ambient Light + LAG Tester.4K UHD DIVA OLED
Hardware-wise, the Diva central is featuring 4 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI video output with scaling option, 1 HDR>SDR 1080p output and 1 dedicated HDMI full audio output at 720p or 1080p, LAN Control, RS232, L/R stereo or Optical 5.1 output, Led Control, IR RX, IR/Light sensor, IR window, OLED display and 4 buttons on the side allowing to enter/exit and perform change in the device system menu.
All inputs are capable of 4K HDR/HLG/DV/LLDV/HDR10+ up to 18Gbps for video and support any sound format in existence today, HDMI TX0 video output is capable of outputting 18Gbps and all sound formats as well.
Diva is always running in a Matrix/Scaler mode ensuring your setup remains optimized at its best capabilities.
Optionally, you can add ambient light solution up to 4K HDR/LLDV available in 6 differents length to match your display size.


Add the final visual delight to your setup with Diva unique 4K HDR/SDR/LLDV capable Ambient Light solution. Click herefor more info and install guide.

Software-wise, Diva provides you full control via the embedded and brand new HDfury webserver ! The need of a dedicated computer with special driver to run configuration software or update is now a thing of the past !
You can use any web browser based device such as any computer or smartphone to access, control and update Diva Central, the process is as easy as visiting a web page.
We went further than anything we ever made and full filled Diva with revisited and improved HDR management features. We also added some new features never seen before such as TMDS switching for all inputs which allow to autoswitch sources such as ATV4K, X1X or Shield that no other switch on the market are able to autoswitch.

World First eARC HDMI2.1 breakthrough: Diva now support ARC and eARC sound extraction from TV for up to Atmos high bit rate over TrueHD forwarded to any AVR input via Diva HDMI audio output (ARC-Key feature) !

All HDfury legacy features remain present, each input EDID can be set individually from a list of 100 EDID, HDCP conversion, Scaling and signal operations such as Chroma/Color depth/Color space, PJ&Display macro, Infoframes modes, CEC command, ARC, HTPC mode, special modes, sound extraction and more.
All setup informations are visible at first sight via OLED, On Screen Display or Webserver.

Diva is the smart solution and converter for interoperability between any HDMI revision equipment, for content creators, calibrators, streamers, digital entertainment centers, UHDTV retail, show sites, data centers, schools, conference or home cinema and much more.

All setups suitability

Diva supports any HDMI, HDCP and HDR sources or sink and operate in-between to ensure all your equipment work at their best capabilities.

AutoSetup Wizard

Think it’s complicated? Diva can suit any user needs with ease. Simply connect sources and sink devices in the right port and add power, Diva does the rest.

Unlock HDCP 2.2

Get all advantages from HDCP2.2 sources and keep or convert them per channel to suit any HDMI or HDCP sink.

Info is Everywhere

Whether it is on OLED, OSD or the brand new HDfury Web server embedded, your setup info is always available at first sight.

iOS & Android Control

Control Diva using your tablet, smartphone or any web browser based device.

Custom configuration

Share your config with the community, display any text on OSD, set your start page, remove visually annoying or lamp consuming artifacts like TV channel logo and more.

Upscale Port

Upscaling from FHD to UHD up to 18Gbps is available to display your 1080p sources at 2160p on your native 4K display.

Downscale Port

Connect any FHD sink in any UHD setup, play 4K HDR on main stream, and feed your older display or capture card with a 1080p HDR to SDR converted stream for perfect colors.

Digital Doctor

Any EDID related issues, HTPC issues or HDMI/HDCP handshake, compatibility or revision issues can be solved with Diva.

18Gbps HDR/SDR Splitter

1 input replicated to 2 outputs (FHD/SDR-UHD/HDR), each individual output can be used to upscale or downscale based on your setup needs.

600 Mcsc Matrix

Diva can process two 4K HDR signals up to 18Gbps simultaneously and apply scaling individually per channel.

Lab & Studio Toolkit

Public HTTP commands access and extensive control to extract, edit, inject or replace HDR metadata, AVI and VSIF Infoframe. Read SPD, Audio, Vendor Specific and more.

Highlight Hardware Features:

Diva Exclusive: 1080p SDR output, Ambient Lighting and Input Lag tester
Diva central is featuring 4 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI video output with scaling option, 1 HDR>SDR 1080p output and 1 dedicated HDMI full audio output at 720p or 1080p, LAN Control, RS232, L/R stereo or Optical 5.1 output, Led Control, IR RX, IR/Light sensor, IR window, OLED display and 4 buttons on the side allowing to enter/exit and perform change in the device system menu.
All inputs are capable of 4K HDR/HLG/DV/LLDV/HDR10+ up to 18Gbps for video and support any sound format in existence today, HDMI TX0 video output is capable of outputting 18Gbps and all sound formats as well.
Diva is always running in a Matrix/Scaler mode ensuring your setup remains optimized at its best capabilities.
Optionally, you can add ambient light solution up to 4K HDR/LLDV available in 3 differents length to match your display size..

4×2 Splitter/Switcher up to 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz 18Gbps with 1080p SDR + HDMI audio out
Splitting any signal up to 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz signal is now a reality, thanx to IR/RS232/push buttons or Webserver, you can easily switch between 4 inputs that will be replicated up to 2 outputs (one is always 1080p SDR) . HDCP conversion and scaling rules are auto configured and applied on the fly in order to always output the type of video signal and HDCP encryption that your display or sink device is expecting.

4×2 Matrix up to 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz 18Gbps + HDMI audio out + Downscaled output
Matrix solution is available for HDMI stream up to 4K60 4:4:4 8b, 4K60 4:2:2 12b, 4K120 4:2:0 8b or 8K30 4:2:0 8b. Process two 18Gbps signals at the same time from 2 sources to 2 sinks devices and eventually have one of the channel duplicated and converted in res/hdcp/chroma/color depth/color space/etc to a third output + HDMI audio out.

Accurate HDMI/HDCP input lag tester with on screen results up to 4K60 HDR
Any unit comes with Lag tester light sensor cable allowing you to make exact measurements of your display input lag and find the best compromise between input lag value and amount of processing done by the TV internal video processor.

Highlight Video Features:

HDR Fixer
Diva is capable of injecting and extracting live Infoframe and HDR metadata at any resolution in real time. Decipher incoming HDR/HLG/DV metadata and AVI infoframe, build your own Custom HDR metadata and AVI infoframe thru HDfury metadata and infoframe creator, translate HLG>HDR, replace or boost value from any metadata on the fly or simply disable all or just some of them. Additionally Diva also support VSIF, AUD, HVS, HFV and others infoframes.

EDID Manager with endless possibilities
Download EDID from any inputs or outputs, Upload or assign any EDID to any of the 4 inputs from a list of 100 predefined EDIDs (10 custom / 90 dedicated). It loads and reset HPD to present your chosen one automatically
5 different EDID modes are available: Copy TX0, Copy TX1, Fixed EDID, Custom or Automix.
In Automix EDID mode: 13 EDID flags can be forced and mixed thru 5 EDID Algorithms.
Diva automatically sniff and store DV mandatory string from connected DV capable sink.

Ultimate capabilities Up&Down Scaler up to 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz/18Gbps
Always feeding best capabilities HDMI signal to connected sink devices, automatically or manually. No matter if you have HDMI first generation or second generation equipment, any devices always get the best possible signal in FHD(1080p) or UHD(2160p) GUARANTEED. Featuring Upscale, Downscale, Passthru and Bypass mode as well as Chroma Conversion, Color Space and Color Depth modification on the fly at 8, 10, 12 and 16bit for FHD, UHD and DCI 4096x2160p. Each output can be set with individual scaling rules.

Highlight Audio Features:

Extract up to Atmos HBR over TrueHD from TV eARC Input to ANY AVR input (eARC-KEY World 1st)
eARC (for up to Atmos High Bit Rate over True HD) is possible when eARC TV is connected at Diva HDMI video output, extracted sounds from TV APPS will be output from Diva HDMI audio output that can feed any AVR input.

Extract up to Atmos over DD+ from TV ARC Input to ANY AVR input (ARC-KEY World 1st)
ARC (for up to DD+/Atmos over DD+ bitstream) is possible from Diva HDMI video out. You can select to route this Audio to the HDMI3 (dedicated audio out) to feed any AVR input and/or optical output.

Max Audio capabilities and format extracted from any sources to feed any AVR input. (AVR-KEY)
Thru a dedicated HDMI Audio output, any HDMI sound format from any incoming signal is automatically extracted and forwarded via a 720p/1080p self-generated stream to feed any AVR input. High end ARC and eARC Audio format from TV apps are output to your AVR input thru the same HDMI Audio output.

HDMI Audio Extracting
HDfury Diva can extract HDMI audio up to 5.1 and pass-thru any sound format in existence today including Atmos and latest via HDMI while downscaling the video for older AVRs, it have a simultaneous output of analog L/R stereo and up to 5.1 optical S/PDIF via 3.5mm combo jack connector.

Highlight Convenience Features:

Autoswitch ANY sources (World 1st)
TMDS/pixel clock switching, sole switch in the world capable of autoswitching sources such as ATV4K, X1X, Shield or any others sources devices who keep sending +5v in standby and that no switcher in the world can autoswitch.

Furiously advanced Web Server
If you though, like people claim, that we have the best Windows GUI software… Now discover the brand new HDfury Webserver. More powerful with more available options than any Windows GUI we ever did, controlling your HDfury has never been so easy, fast and elegant. No more driver installation or hassle of any kind, superfast in-system firmware update and wide compatibility with any web browser devices (Mac/Win/Linux/iOS/Android and others). Just type in your Diva URL in your browser address bar and start controlling and supervising your setup!

Signal and setup info is everywhere and always available at first sight. Enhance your AV knowledge thru exact signal timing report with up to 3 digits decimals accuracy on frame rate. Display source name, resolution, chroma, colordepth, colorspace, hdcp, cst1, VIC, eotf, colorimetry, primaries, white point, max/min lum, maxCLL, maxFall, range and various infoframe (hdr, hlg, dv, spd, aud, hvs, vsi, hfv). Our new generation hardware is bringing HDMI explorer to another level, simply anything that travel thru is intercepted and exposed to the user via OLED display, On Screen Display or Web server.

RS232 Control your unit and command your display
Initially build for and by the JVC PJ owners community, Diva is now capable of sending any custom RS232 commands to any RS232 capable display based on incoming signal types or particular metadata value. Decide which RS232 commands to send to your display when content is 3D, HDR10, SDR BT709, SDR BT2020 and more. All Diva controls are also available via RS232 and IP commands in order to ensure a total control from any serial based computer.


Diva can be controlled via IR/IP/RS232/push buttons or any web browser based devices (MAC/WIN/Linux/Android/iOS/etc..) thru embedded Webserver. RS232 is compatible for any serial based computer, IR control and various physical buttons for configurations are also available. Thanks to the community, IR pronto code list is added to iRule and Logitech Harmony for even easier and seamless integration

HDfury Diva offers a unique CEC command manager, with CEC compatible equipment.
CEC commands allow a HDMI device to send commands to connected HDMI devices.

Highlight HDCP Features:

Unique HDCP Doctor
Providing a total of 15 HDCP 1.4 and 2.2 engines for decryption/encryption, HDfury Diva offers a total HDCP workaround solution including HDCP 2.2 > HDCP 1.4 and HDCP 1.4 > HDCP 2.2 both ways conversion within the same unit. It is capable of connecting any HDCP1.x or HDCP2.x source devices to any HDCP1.x or HDCP 2.x sink devices. Each RX block decrypts the input first whether its 1.x or 2.x. Then each output port can individually encrypts it to 1.4 or 2.2 or not encrypt it at all if it was not encrypted initially. Dual conversion can be operated on all channels simultaneously.

Display HDCP 2.2 Content with Non-HDCP2.2 Compliant Devices
HDCP 2.2 is the new copy-protection scheme for 4K UHD content. Source devices, including media servers and head-ends like Netflix, will encode their 4K content with this new scheme. TVs must be HDCP 2.2-enabled to play it, and everything in the video chain including switches and receivers must be compliant as well, or the display will go dark and/or display a HDCP error message. Bad news for consumers who have purchased expensive, high-bandwidth, processor-rich switchers, receivers and displays to accommodate 4K. Once Diva is an active part of your setup such issue will not bother you ever again.


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HDMI revision: HDMI 2.0b (Level A) 600Mcsc – 18Gbps
Diva Support: 600MHz/18Gbps HDR, HDR10+, HLG, DV & LLDV, eARC, ALLM, IMAX
Max Resolution: 4K60 4:4:4 8b, 4K60 4:2:2 12b, 4K120 4:2:0 8b or 8K30 4:2:0 8b
TOTAL I/O: 4 HDMI In, 3 HDMI Out, 1 RJ45, 2 IR, 1 RS232, 1 Analog Jack & Optical Out.
Upscale port TX0: FHD 1080p & 2K to UHD 2160p & 4K/DCI
Downscale port TX1: UHD/HDR 2160p & 4K/DCI to FHD/SDR 1080p & 2K
Full Audio port: Full HDMI/ARC/eARC Audio extraction via 720p/1080p self generated stream to feed any AVR input
TMDS Switching: Autoswitch support for ATV4K, X1X and others sources continuously sending +5V
Signal Conversion: Resolution, Chroma Subsampling, Color Space, Color Depth, HDCP, HDR>SDR Tone Mapping
HDCP Conversion: Any HDCP to any HDCP with CST1 support
Operating Modes: 18Gbps Matrix, Scaler, Splitter & Switcher with CEC, eARC, ARC and EDID management
Special Modes: CEC Command, HTPC, Disable or replace HDR/HLG, HDMI Doctor, RS232 Macro, upload eARC CDS
EDID Modes: 10 EDID Flags, 5 EDID Algo, 100 EDID Banks (10 custom)
Infoframe Modes: Capture, edit, create, block or replace HDR/HLG metadata, AVI & VSIF.
Read SPD, Audio, HDMI Vendor, HDMI Forum
Control Modes: New HDfury Webserver, IP, IR, RS232 for Linux/MAC/Win or push buttons
Ledstrips Length: 56x PCH 12b Leds with:
2cm gap for 21-25″ (H:24cm/9.5″ – W:40cm/15.5″)
3cm gap for 27-35″ (H:34cm/13.5″ – W:60cm/23.5″)
4cm gap for 38-50″ (H:46cm/18″ – W:79cm/31″)
6cm gap for 55″ (H:67cm/26.5″, W:117cm/46″)
7cm gap for 60-65″ (H:76cm/30″, W:132cm/52″)
8cm gap for 70-85″ (H:84cm/33″, W:154cm/60.5″)
It is recommended to select a kit at least 5cm or 2″ less than your display dimension.
More ledstrip kit options with up to 112 Leds are available here.
Input LAG Tester: Accurate HDMI/HDCP up to 4K HDR input lag measurements.
On Screen Display: Editable with custom text and mask. (cover TV channel logo)
Oled: 3.12″ Diagonal, 256×64, 16 blue colors
Diva Dimension: 4.5″L x 7.3″W x 0.9″H – in CM: 11.5 x 18.5 x 2.4
Diva Weight: 520g – 1.15 LBS
Input Lag: <1ms (nanoseconds count)
Other info: 3D Support, CEC Pass Through, DSD, eARC (HDMI2.1)