HYPEX PSC2.700d plateforsterker 2x700W med analog og digital inn

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The PSC2.700d is a plate amp for use in powered speaker systems with analog and digital input.
By it’s four presets option, Powercon connection and balanced audio input it is a great product for universal use in professional audio but for home users as well.
The DSP gives you the possibility to use it for any kind of system, for example a 2 way active loudspeaker or a bridged subwoofer amplifier.Specifications


-2x UcD700OEM plate amplifier
-Powered by SMPS1200
-Four programmable presets
-Balanced audio input
-Balanced audio through loop
-Powercon power connection
-Two channel active filtering
-Fully user-configurable DSP filters
-Firmware update by USB
-Digital version with AES/EBU input


This module can be used for the following setups:
– Active 2-channel system
– Active power sub-woofer

And with 2 modules it is also possible to set up a 3-channel system with one module for the separate Subwoofer, and a second module for the top in a 2-channel system.

All setups are possible with analogue and digital audio inputs AES/EBU.

Also available:
Analog only version, PSC2.700

Supply voltage: 230Volt AC/50Hz +/- 10% (switch able to 115Volt 60Hz)
Output power LS1: 700W @ 4Ohms
Output power LS2: 700W @ 4Ohms

Dimensions: 210 x 380 x 55mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 3.2kg

Hypex Filter Design


Vekt 5 kg
Dimensjoner 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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