LINDY Antistatisk Servicesett Matte og justerbar armlenke

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Antistatisk Servicesett
Lightweight, portable static control mat and wrist strap, for safe handling of sensitive electronic components!
The LINDY Anti-Static Service Kit provides a convenient, portable static control workstation for computer and telecom field service engineers and technicians.
The lightweight static dissipative mat contains two pockets for storage and folds up neatly for carrying. The adjustable wrist strap connects to the mat via a coiled cord; a 2.5m straight cord terminates in a crocodile clip for connecting to ground.
Static dissipative mat with two storage pockets
Mat size: 600 x 600mm
2.5m ground cord with crocodile clip
1.5m coiled wrist strap cord
Adjustable wrist strap



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