madVR Envy Extreme Videoprosessor

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60 × 60 × 30 cm

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Nå i demo i vårt største referanserom, da på en Sony VPL-GTZ380 4K laser 10.000 lumen projektor og et DreamScreen UltraWeave v7 lerret på 4,8m bredde.

madVR har blitt utviklet som del av et entusiastprosjekt på amerikanske, da som en PC-basert software (madVR). Etter mer enn 10 års utvikling har teamet bak madVR omsider valgt å lansere en fiks ferdig løsning med utgangspunkt i denne softwaren. ENVY er en custom bygget PC som i tillegg til den grunnleggende madVR-softwaren har en rekke andre features, og det blir stadig flere fremover. Prisen på denne løsningen er svært høy, men løsningen representerer det ypperste innen avansert video-prosessering, og sikrer at en også vil ha tilgang til en rekke innovasjoner også fremover.

Vi vil ha madVR Extreme-utgaven i demo i vårt nye referanserom, da koblet opp mot en Sony VPL-GTZ380 10.000 lumen Sony-projektor og et 4,8m bredt DreamScreen UltraWeave v7 lerret. Dette for å vise hva fremtidens video har å by på, for det som i dag koster det samme som en god sportsbil, vil som med elektronikk ellers falle i pris og dermed bli mer aktuelt for folk flest noen år frem i tid.

Sammenligning av PRO og Extreme modellen finner du her >>.

Info fra produsenten:

· high bitdepth processing (32bit per component)
· high quality algorithms for scaling, sharpening, debanding, dithering etc.
· smooth motion playback without 3:2 pulldown judder even at 60Hz
· frame packed 3D playback via HDMI 1.4+ (Windows 8.1 or newer)
· forced film mode turns 60i movies into perfect 24p
· very reliable playback using automatic fullscreen exclusive mode
· many more…

HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping

madVR Labs pioneered dynamic frame by frame HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping. Our patent-pending DTM 2.0 engine analyzes every frame in real-time to optimize every single pixel. That’s nearly a half billion pixels per second at 4K60! Our proprietary Highlight Recovery, Contrast Recovery and Shadow Detail Recovery provide an image so stunning you will be addicted at first sight. Finally, you can enjoy HDR movies and shows at home like never before possible, just as the director intended. Now with fully customizable “Looks”!

Auto Aspect Ratio Control

Envy detects every single aspect ratio and instantly adjusts the image to exactly fit your screen, regardless of its AR and the AR of the movie even as it changes back and forth. This is sorely needed for screens with wide aspect ratios, and benefits those with 16:9 screens. Envy even watches the movie along with you, to learn the aspect ratios in use and ensure it delivers unrivaled auto AR control to rid you of those pesky black bars once and for all.

4K Upscaling & Sharpening

Envy uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide unrivaled 4K and 8K* upscaling and anamorphic stretch. It also provides the highest quality chroma upscaling (4:2:0->4:4:4) and can automatically reverse certain damaging chroma upscaling used by source players to then perfectly apply its superior chroma upscaling.

3D LUT Calibration

Envy enables incredibly accurate calibrations by supporting massive 256-point LUTs, without any loss of measurement data and precision, unlike with other processors. This translates to 16.7 million points of accuracy, compared to less than 5,000 points with others. Envy integrates with calibration products including ColourSpace, Calman, displayCal,  and more.

Image Enhancements

Envy provides the highest quality algorithms to remove compression artifacts and mosquito noise, as well as de-banding to remove 8-bit banding artifacts. Many other favorite tweaks for image enhancements are also available to remove or add grain, sharpen edges, remove ringing, and more.

Subtitle Handling & Profiles

Tired of cutoff subtitles with your scoped screen? Our subtitle handing dynamically resizes your image to fit subtitles only when needed, maximizing your picture size. And our new profile system provides the most powerful yet easy to use settings management you’ve ever seen in any product before it.

8K and HDMI 2.1 Support

The Envy Extreme supports 8K and HDMI 2.1 output, and the Pro will receive a paid upgrade in 2021 to HDMI 2.1 as well. This provides full 48 Gbps HDMI 2.1 HDCP 2.3 support, making it the first and only stand-alone video processor to offer these advanced capabilities. Our modern-day hardware platform ensures you’ll enjoy the Envy for many years to come.

Continuous Innovation

Updates to Envy can be installed in less than 60 seconds with just the click of your remote. For example, we will introduce the world’s first machine learning based motion interpolation for the best motion handling yet, along with geometry control to support a wide range of installations, eliminate barrel distortion and artifacts from anamorphic lenses or curved screens*. More features are also on the way!

Simple to Install and Use

Set up is so simple that it takes just five minutes. No experience is required. Just plug the HDMI output from your AVR into the Envy, and send the Envy’s HDMI ouput to your display. Need support? With your permission, your dealer can remotely connect to your Envy, see its video output in real-time, and operate it just like they were in the room with you.

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