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Glimrende prosessor for alle med en hi-end DAC i stereo som ønsker å legge til Dirac romkorreksjon. Her får du miniDSP sin aller beste prosessering, og når alt foregår digitalt (før DACen), holdes signalveien helt ren. ANBEFALES!

The Dirac Series of 24/96 high-resolution audio processors with Dirac Live® are designed to fit into an existing system with minimum disruption, yet with the flexibility to allow for new and more cost-effective system configurations. The DDRC-22D interfaces via digital signals — AES-EBU on balanced XLR; coax/SPDIF on RCA, and optical/TOSLINK. The digital input source can be selected via the front panel or remote control, and all digital outputs are simultaneously active. The DDRC-22D can be simply inserted into the digital signal path of an existing system, or the on-board volume control used to simplify system configuration. Examples:

  • Between one or more digital sources and a DAC
  • Between one or more digital sources and active loudspeakers with digital input
  • Anywhere in the digital signal chain


  • Processor: 32-bit floating-point Analog Devices SHARC DSP
  • Dirac V3.0 Compatible
  • Input/output resolution: 24 bits
  • Maximum input sample rate: 216 kHz
  • Internal operating sample rate: 96 kHz
  • Output sample rate: 96 kHz
  • Supports for Dirac Live 3.x
Digital connections to the miniDSP Dirac Series DDRC-22D

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What’s in the box?

  • Dirac Series 24/96 high-resolution audio processor — DDRC-22D
  • Universal 5 VDC power supply with interchangeable plugs (UK/EU/US/AU)
  • License for Dirac Live Calibration Tool Stereo for miniDSP (Win/Mac)
  • USB cables for Dirac Series audio processor and UMIK-1
  • UMIK-1 calibrated measurement microphone (Option)
  • Microphone tripod stand (Option)

NOTE: The UMIK-1/2 are measurement microphones approved by Dirac Research. Knowing the major effect a wrong calibration/measurement would have on the final results of Dirac Live tuning, we strongly recommend that you select a UMIK-1/2 microphone together with your platform for a plug&play experience leading to best results. Any issues related to 3rd party microphones such as ASIO/USB audio driver incompatibility/Latency problems or incorrect calibration process will not be under our support structure by our support team.



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