Screenline MOT MOTORISERT LERRET 16:10 440x275cm / 204″

SKU: 101718
22 999,- inkl. mva

5 på lager (flere kan bestilles)

550 × 30 × 30 cm

5 på lager (flere kan bestilles)


Leveres med fjernkontroll samt inngang for 12V kablet trigger.


The medium-sized motorized screen. Base from 250cm up to 450cm.

With a neutral looking matt white box, it perfectly fits medium and large-sized halls and rooms. It can assembled with a wide choice of PVC fabrics, for both front and retro-projection. The fabrics can be completely white or with black borders, in all formats and sizes up to 450 cm base, also customized.
It is very quiet thanks to the silencing systems and the new generation motors. It comes with side closing end plates and an electric diverter for the connection.


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