DreamScreen Akustisk Transparent Velour Sort Hel Rull på 1,4×10-27m


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Combining the features of black velvet with that of a speaker fabric, the new DreamScreen Acoustical Transparent velvet can be used to cover acoustical treatments as well as speakers throughout your cinema.

The velvet appears pitch black upon installation although remaining highly acoustical transparent due to being ultra thin. This is how it looks with daylight shining through the fabric.

The acoustical loss through this fabric averages at 0,8dB, virtually placing it in the same range as a regular speaker fabric. With its ultra dark black appearance, it can be used to mask off your front wall, sides and ceiling – as well as other parts of the room.

In more practical terms we have also added our TextileShield-protection to this velvet, greatly increasing its ability to withstand dirt and liquids.

As for installation, please note that all types of velvets are directional, meaning you should always test the direction before installing it in terms of seating positions. For that same purpose it is also important that the velvet is installed in a consistent direction throughout given surfaces.

In terms of installation, we recommend our UltraTucker PRO installation tool as well as our front- or side loaded fabric rails. The fabric can also be stapled on to wall or wooden panels.

As for packaging, we have given this a great deal of attention as one might easily damage velvet if not properly handled. Therefore, each fabric length is floated on a roll within a box, meaning the fabric never touches the shipping-box, ensuring a perfect appearance after shipment and storage.


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  • Average drop of 0,8dB through the fabric
  • Ultra black velvet
  • Fire retardant
  • TextileShield protected
  • 140cm width
  • Floating roll shipping system

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