GIK 2S Slatfusor Rectangle 120X60X7CM (H/B/D) 1STK

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130 × 70 × 10 cm

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Elevate your space with the SlatFusor 2S from GIK Acoustics, where premium finishes, exceptional acoustic design, and unmatched versatility converge to blend timeless elegance with the acoustic performance only GIK Acoustics can offer.

• Available in 2 sizes: Rectangle (600mm x 1200mm) and Square (600mm x 600mm)
• Total thickness: 70mm – effectively absorbs down to 150Hz
• Scatters mid & high frequency reflections
• Reduces noise, echoes & reverb without over-dampening
• Combining wood slats on black felt with 50mm GIK Acoustics absorber
• 30% more effective than a standard 50mm absorbers
• Premium finish: furniture-grade, stainable Oak Veneer
• Seamless covering of the entire wall or use as individual panels
• Mounted with sawtooth hangers (included). No glue or adhesive needed.


SlatFusor Wood Slat Acoustic Panel

The Acoustic Wood Wall Panel

Finding the right balance between high and low frequencies is one of the toughest challenges in any space. This is where the SlatFusor 2S shines, a wood wall panel effortlessly combining acoustic performance with elegant design.

The SlatFusor 2S offers both a timeless design, as well as the exceptional performance that GIK Acoustics panels are known for.

The wooden slats scatter high-frequency sound waves, preserving your room’s brilliance. Behind these slats, a high-performance absorber steps in to control resonances in the low and mid-frequency ranges.

You Can Trust

With an impressive 30% increase in effectiveness below 1000 Hz compared to conventional 50mm thick panels, the SlatFusor 2S redefines the control of echoes, reverberations and resonances. It is the ultimate choice for those seeking both the aesthetics of natural wood and unparalleled acoustic performance in their environment.

Masterful Craftsmanship
Wood Wall Panel In Real Oak Veneer

A fusion of craftsmanship and exceptional acoustic design, the SlatFusor 2S comes in a premium, furniture-grade finish.
While the SlatFusor 2S exudes natural beauty with its natural oak veneer, the ability to stain the slats opens up endless possibilities.
A statement of sophistication that seamlessly complements any environment, whether you’re at home or in a professional studio.

Seamless Surfaces Timeless Design

The pioneering design of the SlatFusor 2S wood wall panel ensures that each individual slat panel can be effortlessly arranged on your wall, leaving no unseemly gaps. This meticulous attention to detail not only elevates the acoustic performance of your space but also enhances its visual appeal. A harmonious blend of form and function makes the SlatFusor 2S your perfect choice for acoustic wall paneling.

SlatFusor Wood Slat Acoustic Panel


Mineral wool provides twice the low-end absorption over similar foam-based products.


Stainable oak veneer slats on a 50mm thick acoustic panel frame filled with eco-friendly, high-performance sound absorbing material, wrapped in black fabric.


Square = 5kg

Rectangle = 9kg


Classification: A


GREENSAFE technology absorption material

Quality hand-made construction and craftsmanship

Standard Sizes

Square: 600mm x 600mm

Rectangle: 600mm x 1200mm

Suggested Placement

The SlatFusor is easily mounted on a wall using a sawtooth picture hanger (included).

A small felt overhang on one side allows the SlatFusors to hang without a gap.

SlatFusor 2S Wood Wall Panel

The unique design of the SlatFusor 2S consists of beautiful slats on a black, acoustically transparent felt layer, behind which is 50mm of high performance absorption material in a wood frame covered with black fabric.


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