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Kun 1 på lager (kan også restbestilles)

600 × 30 × 30 cm

Kun 1 på lager (kan også restbestilles)


Big Frame up to cm 1000
Reliability and efficiency.
Conceived for large-sized projections also outdoors, it is bending and torsion-proof. The fabric with steel eyelets all around its perimeter fixes to a number of sliding bolts positioned in a groove at the back of the aluminium frame.
A functional parallel-track system on the frame allows adjusting the fabric in case of expansion due to thermal excursion.
The junctions/joints of the segments on the corners and at the centre of the long sides are in zinc-coated steel. When the length of the base is over 6 metres the screen is equipped with a rear vertical bar with adjustable straps to keep the proper asset.Assembling the segments and the fabric is simple and intuitive. The screen comes with a wall mounting kit with four brackets.


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