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Ny 3. generasjons prosessor fra miniDSP som leveres med en svært høyt spesifisert 400MHz Sharc DSP som gir meget godt signal-til-støynivå. Inkluderer en kupongkode til miniDSP sin egen software, som inkluderer blant annet fleksibel parametrisk EQ, IIR og FIR filtre, X-over og delay for hver kanal. DIRAC live kan kjøpes separat, og tilbyr en av markedets aller beste helautomatiserte romkorreksjonssystemer. Inkluderer et fullt sett av digitale innganger, USB audio, S/PDIF (RCA og Optisk) samt Bluetooth (LDAC/aptX). OLED display og volumkontroll i front. Denne versjonen har analog RCA inn og ut, men leveres også i en balansert versjon.
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Kun 3 på lager (kan også restbestilles)

23 × 7 × 26 cm

Kun 3 på lager (kan også restbestilles)


NB! Husk at du trenger en kalibrert målemikrofon for å gjøre de nødvendige målinger, vår anbefaling er UMIK-1 fra miniDSP.

Dette er den ikke-balanserte utgaven, og den benytter vanlige RCA-plugger.

PS! Dirac-lisens medfølger ikke og må kjøpes separat på Enheten leveres imidlertid med miniDSP sin egen velfungerende software.


Informasjon fra produsent

The miniDSP Flex is the 3rd generation of our popular line of compact 2-in, 4-out audio processors. It retains the powerful floating point processor but rethinks the I/O architecture so we can provide our customers with different input-output versions in this compact chassis. The initial versions are single-ended analog I/O (RCA), balanced analog I/O (TRS) and digital out with superb audiophile specification for your enjoyment.

All versions include a set of digital inputs: USB audio, S/PDIF (RCA/optical) and Bluetooth (LDAC/aptX). An OLED front panel display and volume control/encoder knob provides easy control. As always, the Flex series is jam-packed with miniDSP’s tried and proven audio processing functionality: flexible parametric EQ, IIR & FIR filters, crossovers, advanced biquad programming and delay on each output channel. Last but not least, all platforms are easily software-upgradable with Dirac Live®, the world’s premiere room correction system for full range (20~20kHz) tuning.

The miniDSP Flex will find a myriad uses in applications ranging from a compact digital stereo preamp through subwoofer integration and optimization to active speakers, home theater and recording studios. You just need to let your creativity do the rest!

Hardware Features

  • Processor: 32-bit floating-point 400MHz Analog Devices SHARC DSP
  • Multi-Core USB Audio processor (XMOS)
  • Bluetooth streaming: LDAC™/aptX™ HD/aptX™/AAC/SBC
  • Optional upgrade to Dirac Live® 3.x Digital Room Correction, Full Range Room Correction (20~20kHz)
  • Audiophile performance: SNR@120dB(A), THD+N @ -110dB (0.0003%)
  • Inputs: Stereo digital (USB Audio/SPDIF/Optical/Bluetooth), stereo analog (Unbalanced RCA)
  • Flexible Output versions: Unbalanced (RCA), Balanced (TRS), Digital (TOSLINK & SPDIF)
  • USB audio recording feature (4xCH processed output via USB audio to record inputs, e.g. Vinyl)
  • White/Black OLED front panel controller with IR control

SHD 1200x174


Flex diagram


Product Downloads

What's in the box?

  • Digital Audio Processor — Flex based on the I/O configuration selected. No Dirac Live license for default configuration
  • IR remote v2
  • 12V univeral power supply (UK/EU/US/AU plugs)
  • USB cable

Optional Items

  • UMIK-1 or UMIK-2 Measurement microphone
  • Dirac Live v3.x Full range license (20~20kHz) / Must be selected in the shopping cart as an option.
  • Microphone tripod
  • TRS to XLR cables (Inputs, Outputs)

NOTE: The UMIK-1/2 are measurement microphones approved by Dirac Research. Knowing the major effect a wrong calibration/measurement would have on the final results of Dirac Live tuning, we strongly recommend that you select a UMIK-1/2 microphone together with your platform for a plug&play experience leading to best results. Any issues related to 3rd party microphones such as ASIO/USB audio driver incompatibility/Latency problems or incorrect calibration process will not be under our support structure by our support team.

Understanding LDAC™ Wireless audio


LDAC™ is Sony's High Quality wireless audio streaming and we at miniDSP thought it would be great to showcase its benefits. By nature, Bluetooth audio streaming is very convenient but it's not without its limitations and until recently has not been an audiophile experience. LDAC is a new CODEC enabling 3 x the data to improve your enjoyment. You can read more on the Sony LDAC™ page Sony LDAC™ page.

Comparison between LDAC & SBC

These pretty graphs are great but how about some measurements? We took some measurements with our Audio Precision APx555 to compare AAC Bluetooth with LDAC. Shown below are our measured results with a 24-bit 96 kHz source file. The lower distortion and noise of LDAC is clearly evident, with the SINAD metric being over 50 dB better! This translates in better audio performance for your wireless audio streaming. Not convinced by this graph? Have a listening trial and share with us your feedback!



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Unbalanced RCA version Balanced 6.35 mm
TRS jack version
Digital version
Digital Signal Processor Engine Analog Devices Floating point DSP SHARC ADSP21489 @ 400MHZ
Processing resolution / Sample rate 32 bit/96 kHz (32bit/48 kHz with Dirac Live® license)
USB Audio support UAC2 Bidirectional Audio – ASIO driver support (Windows) – Plug&Play (Mac/Linux)
Input/Output Configuration 2 channels in / 4 channels out
Digital Stereo Audio
Input Connectivity
1 x SPDIF on RCA connector
1 x OPTICAL on Toslink connector
1 x USB audio (stereo)
1 x Bluetooth with support for: LDAC™/aptX™ HD/aptX™/AAC/SBC
Supported Sample Rate: 20 ~ 216 kHz
Digital Audio Output Connectivity 4 x Output channels
(Post DSP)on USB Audio
4 x Output channels
(Post DSP)on USB Audio
4 x Output channels
(Post DSP)on USB Audio and
SPDIF& TOSLINK (duplicated)
Analog Audio Input Connectivity 2 x Unbalanced RCA 2 x balanced 6.35 mm
TRS jack (as XLR)
2 x Unbalanced RCA
Analog Audio Output Connectivity 4 x Unbalanced RCA 4 x balanced 6.35 mm
TRS jack (as XLR)
Analog Audio Input Impedance 100 kΩ 200 kΩ 100 kΩ
Analog Audio Output Impedance 200 Ω 200 Ω N/A
Analog Audio Input / Output Max Levels 2 V RMS / 2 V RMS 4 V RMS / 4 V RMS 2 V RMS /  NA
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 0.1 dB 20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 0.1 dB 20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 0.01 dB
SNR (Digital to Analog) 120 dB(A) 121 dB(A) D>D: 137 dB(A)
THD+N (Digital to Analog) -110 dB (0.0003 %) ± 3 dB -112 dB (0.00025 %) ± 3 dB D>D: -130 dB (0.00003 %)
Crosstalk (Digital to Analog) -120 dB -128 dB D>D: -165 dB
SNR (Analog to Analog) 115 dB(A) 116 dB(A) A>D: 115 dB(A)
THD+N (Analog to Analog) -106 dB (0.0005 %) ± 3 dB -108 dB (0.0004 %) ± 3 dB A>D: -108 dB (0.0004 %)
Crosstalk (Analog to Analog) -115 dB -123 dB A>D: -115 dB
Filtering Technology FIR + IIR /
Optional Dirac Live® 3.x Full Range correction (20~20kHz)
DSP Presets Up to 4 presets
Dimensions 150x180x41 mm
Accessories IR Remote
Power Supply Included external switching PSU 12V/1.6A  (US/UK/EU/AU plugs)
Power Consumption 9.0 W (idle)
2.5 W (standby)
10.3 W (idle)
3.1 W (standby)
7.5 W (idle)
2.5 W (standby)

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